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About Florelle Farm 

"Might I have a bit of earth?" She asked.  And so begins a little girl's adventure in the beloved book, The Secret Garden.  

Our little adventure began in much the same way.  My in-laws live on five lush acres in Houston proper.  Sitting around one day, I asked, "might I have a bit of earth for a cutting garden?"  They said yes!  And so, Florelle Fine Herbs and Flowers was born in 2019.  It took a couple of years to prep the beds and soil, but today our growing garden is approximately 1/4 acres.  With raised beds and set paths, it is a very formal garden - but it overflows every season with herbs and flowers that we provide to the people of Houston.  


We started with a dream - that I could quit my job as a trial attorney in order to be with our children.  (The law you see, is indeed a very jealous mistress.  And I had already missed so many of my children's "firsts" - I didn't want to miss out on any more.)  I had always had a cutting garden in every home where we have lived and loved their aroma and beauty at our dinner table, at the bedside table, next to the tub.  So it was a natural step to grow flowers, herbs and veg.  

In 2019, with the help of my in-laws, my husband, kids, and my parents, we created a beautiful Monticello-style garden on their 5-acre property.  At around 1/4 acre, it is a slice of heaven.  Together, we have planted hundreds of seeds for herbs, vegetables and flowers.  Together, we harvest and weed (oh the weeding!) and grow and nurture- our garden and each other.  Together.  We are together.  Add flowers and herbs and its a magical world of wonder, promise, excitement, and joy!  Becoming a flower farmer has been just that - a true joy.  And we hope to bring joy to you and yours through our offerings locally. 

- Marta

Our Growing Philosophy: 

In an effort to honor our Creator, we grow sustainably and pesticide free.  We grow our herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits using both natural and organic pest control and fertilizers.  We care for our earth and believe that healthy soil produces healthy plants.  We regularly add compost, fertilizer and other healthy amendments to our soil. 

We also grow naturally because we lover our pollinators.  From bees to butterflies, from bumbles to moths, we welcome them all!  Our garden is a safe place for all our pollinator friends and we always have plenty on hand - nectar rich blooms throughout the growing season, shelter and watering stations.

Lastly, we try to reuse and repurpose most of our materials.  We collect and reuse glass jars (mason jars, jelly jars, salsa jars, sauce jars) and use them as our "vases."  Our sweet neighbors collect and donate their newspapers to us, which we fold and make into bags, pockets and envelopes for our herbs, flowers and produce.  

For weddings and events, we have vases that are gorgeous but have been thrifted, gifted or found.  At Florelle, we believe that with a little creativity and ingenuity, we can reuse and repurpose found, gifted or handed down treasures to create bouquets that are beautiful and joyful!